Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boston Marathon Updates

Many of you have asked me for updates on how Heather and I are doing on our Boston Marathon training, fund raising and in general dealing with the challenges of life without Nick. Rather than bury everyone with emails I'll be using this blog to keep you updated on our progress and to give you some insights into the highs and lows of training to face 26 miles (and 385 yards).

For those of you that may be new to this story, my daughter Heather and I will be running the Boston Marathon this year (April 16th) in memory of my son Nick. Nick had been a distance runner in high school, although he would be quick to tell you he only ran to get in shape for Lacrosse. Getting an official number for the Boston Martathon is traditionally restricted to elite runners who have run qualifying times at other marathons, but each year the BAA adopts a small number of charities and provides numbers to help them with fund raising. One of those charities this year is the Lazarus House in Lawrence MA. which lost it's food pantry warehouse in last year's flood. http://www.lazarushouse.com/

Life has strange twists and turns at times. Leading a number of the fund raising events at Lazarus House (including the Boston Marathon effort) is a wonderful, giving, high energy woman, Betsy Leeman. Betsy's daughter Alissa was Nick's best friend. For two years they were almost inseparable (we use to call them the velcro twins).

So...thanks to Betsy, Heather and I have been blessed with official Boston Marathon numbers and will be working to raise donations for the Lazarus House. If you have a moment, check out their website. They offer a broad range of services not just aimed at helping people with today's problems but also helping them build a happy and self sustaining life. And while you are there, if you are interested in donating toward our marathon efforts you can do it on-line at the web site. Just click on the Boston Marathon tab at the top of the screen and scroll down to the list of runners. Click on the "DONATE" button next to our names and it will walk you through the rest. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you that have donated already. Nick would be thrilled and you are helping so many people who need a little extra support to rebuild their lives.

OK...so how's the training going. Having the advantage of training in the Los Angeles warm winter, Heather's training is going pretty well. While she is not getting in as many running days a week as she would like (some excuse about her law firm job requiring a substantial amount of her time), she is getting in her long runs (I believe she did a 16 miler last week).

Dad on the other hand has been struggling with weather, some old running injuries, and a bad case of Bronchitis. So far my long run has only been 11 miles and with only 7 weeks to go it will be challenging. Heather says I'm just making excuses for when she kicks my butt. I haven't played the age card yet.

I'll attempted to keep this updated on a regular basis but also feel free to drop me a note with questions or words of encouragement.



BJ Lownie said...

Great site sir. Cool to see pictures of you, Heather and Nick.
Now what I'd REALLY like to see, and I'm SURE I speak for many here, is a picture of you at the end of one of your long runs! :-)

Also cool to know that you have donations coming in from overseas (JW, England).

Hope the training goes well.

Michael said...

Keep up the spirit! There are always breaks in the weather and work schedules.

Heather said...

To clarify the record, I have never once said that I would kick your butt. My consistent comment has clearly and succinctly been, "run slower Dad."